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DHL Biomass Fired Industrial Steam Boiler
DHL Biomass Fired Industrial Steam Boiler

Capacity: 20 – 75 t/h

Working Pressure: 1.25 – 5.4 Mpa

Outlet Temperature: 184 – 485 ℃

Fuel: Biomass.

SZL Biomass Fired Food Industrial Steam Boiler
SZL Biomass Fired Food Industrial Steam Boiler

Capacity: 4 – 35 t/h

Working Pressure: 1.0 – 2.5 Mpa

Outlet Temperature: 170 – 225 ℃

Fuel: Biomass molding granules, wood chip, corn cob, saw dust.

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Energy, reliable, always on, cheap, totally reliable energy underpins and is the sole basis on which our entire civilisation is built. With energy in sufficient and reliable amounts we can create each of those first three and most essential needs of our species.



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born oil second hand boiler for coating plant Industrial Boiler . biomass energy saving hot water boiler 49 MW firewood boiler in Malaysia DZL packaged wood fired 10 ton biomass steam boiler cheap hot water boilers for food processing high quality steam boiler&amp Quick inquiry: I need the 28 tons gas boiler successfully is shipped to

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The Natural Product Repository at NCI is home to more than 230,000 substances derived from plants, animals and microbes found around the world. Scientists there are developing new methods of understanding the complex chemistry of natural compounds and conserving the samples they have.


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The rig is capable for undertaking work over operations in Oil / Gas / Injection / Effluent disposal wells /CBM wells etc. up to depth of 2500 mts approximately with tubing string of 2-7/8" to 3-1/2" in 5" to 9 5/8" casings, depending on the weight of completion equipment. The work over jobs include but are not limited to servicing/ installation

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boiler plant rice mill cuttack - wymm.in. FBC steam Boiler,steam Boiler For Rice mill plantAs we know steam play a vital role for processing in rice mill plant,generally chain grate boiler and FBC boiler these two types industrial boiler can be chosen.ZG as a professional boiler manufacturer with A class license,we suggest FBC steam boiler